Monday, 15 November 2010

Frankie and Benny's

Frankie & Benny's is a chain of Italian-American restaurants in the UK with numerous outlets nationwide run by The Restaurant Group plc. Its first location was Leicester in 1995 but now the chain has over 150 locations across the UK and also abroad, and smaller branches called "Little Frankie's".

The Story
In branches, on menus, and on their official website, the fictional story about the restaurant's origins is presented. The story is that in 1924, at the age of 10, Frankie left Sicily with his parents and moved to “Little Italy” in New York. Within a year of moving, the family had opened a restaurant, which is now co-managed by Frankie's long-time friend Benny. The business was taken over by Frankie and Benny in 1953, and combines popular American food with traditional Italian dishes.


They are decorated in dark wood, with warm mood lighting and granite effect table tops. There are numerous artifacts in each restaurant which are in-keeping with the theme, such as old photos of Italian heritage Americans, publicity shots of musicians and sportsmen, and advertising posters from the period on both the walls and the menus. The toilets often have Italian lessons playing over the speakers, and the restaurant itself plays classic American 1950's pop, albums of which are available to purchase in-house.
Staff wear simple black waistcoats, a tie, white shirt, black trousers, and a simple white apron.

All in all guys a fantastic place to eat!!

Monday, 25 October 2010

Chin review

My house mate showed me this clip on you tube the other day and I just couldn't stop laughing

You guys should definatly check these guys out, I certainly am going to look at some more of their videos
'Wo mamma, im gunna smash dem guinea pigs'

Monday, 18 October 2010


 Im just going to get in a quick post today mentioning my favourite film of all time. Well I should say quadrilogy really, but seriously if you have never seen any of the aliens films you need to get yourself off the computor out of the cupboard under the stairs and find time to watch these films. You have to watch them in order really to get the overall background story, but if you really only have time for just the one skip the classic original alien film created in 1979 and watch the second in the set titled aliens crteated 7 years later in 1986. 
The best part of this film i believe is in the special effect and animatronics used to bring the iconic monster stars in these films to life, the lack of immense ammounts of cgi in this film is no bad thing I think it helps in fact not ruin the realistic visuals.
Another set of films to see as they sort of tie into later aliens films are the predator films. Although the first is kinda wierd starring Arnold Schwarzenneger, yes I did look that up for spelling, put the 2nd film in that set has that dude from leathal weapon.
Anyway it helps lead on to the final films I will suggest to you. When they combine both films into one glorious aliens vs predator montage.......epic.

Tuesday, 12 October 2010


First of all I have to apologise for not writing in a while, with the start of university and everything I guess I kinda went back to being a full time student which as we all know requires a lot of hard work and plenty of rest..........just kiding but seriously freshers.

Anyways I was just kinda looking into the whole new black ops modern warfare game thats hitting the shelves soon and I just wanted to see what everyone elses opinions were on this. I mean there are a lot of good things in the first game which they're keeping but also some brand new ideas which could really set the bench mark a lot higher on many levels.
Firstly, bringing back the zombie survivor game mode, how can you not like that. My most favourite element of the CoD 4 game was the nazi zombie mode as it was just intense on all levels.
Also the new customization feature they're adding looks incredible. The ability to completly design your own multiplayer charater and interchangable badges and insignias.
You guys really need to check this web address for the full picture so go check it out.

Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In The Cinema

Whats happening in the world of the cinema at the moment...?
Theres a couple of new films in the pipeline that are an awesome shout. Some films have been needing the next chapter. But there are some new films coming out that are just a big mistake for many reasons.

One example I would have to put forward in this catagory would be the new up and coming 'Paranormal Activity 2'. Why would you want to make another film like that mess. Sure some viewers found this film incredibly scary but in the end all it was, was two people sleeping most of the time and random shiz kept happening. Saying that this second film could just be the exact scare you guys want in you life and therfore this is probvably gunna be a film for you.

Also checking out Jackass 3D. Now I dont know about you guys but I love the Jackass crew and for them to make another video of epic fail and stunts is amazing, and I for one cant wait until that comes out on the 15th of this month so go see it.
Another film I reckon you guys should go see is Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Has not really got the hype its deserved even though its one treuly epic film. A cross between everday guy in a band and streetfighter.
A truly epic combo, along with a great soundtrack. Its in cinemas now also along with the 20th aniversary re-release of the back to the future film, so go to the cinema now.

Ive put a couple of links in below guys of the trilers of some of the films I mentioned
comment and let me know what you think....

Thursday, 30 September 2010

New Planet Discovered

Our galaxy, for those who don't know, contains roughly 100 billion stars (this is a conservative estimate, many sources put that number at closer to 300 billion). Around these 100 billion stars are even more planets, probably upward or close too a trillion. Now of that trillion it is estimated that around 200 billion planets sit within the "goldilocks zone" of their solar system, the "goldilocks zone" being a term coined to mean the band around the sun wherein the conditions are just right for life to exist (termed goldilocks because the conditions are "just right"- conclusive proof that scientists don't have a sense of humour).

 That means that life is likely to exist on 200 billion other planets within our galaxy alone, the reason why I'm telling you all this? So that you will suspend your disbelief when I tell you that scientists have discovered the exo-skeleton of a planet that is very much like Earth.
Pictured: What the planet almost certainly doesn't look like.

Before today precisely zero potentially earth-like planets have been discovered (with the slight exception of gliese 581c), hence why there is so much excitement surrounding the finding of this new planet, dubbed gliese 581g.

It differs from Earth in several ways though, most majorly its average temperatures are believed to range from between -12C and -31C; and the fact that unlike Earth, this alien world has one side always facing its sun and the other side constantly in the dark. This means that in-between the two sides, between shadow and light, there could be an area where life could potentially thrive.

In all honesty I would find it hard to believe that there isn't life on gliese 581g, if the planet has an atmosphere similar to ours and if it has been around for the last few billion years as scientists believe then life will almost certainly exist there, albeit most likely in a much different state to how it would be on Earth.

The planet lies 20 lightyears away, a relatively small distance comparative to our galaxy, it is therefore estimated that it would take a man-made craft travelling at 50,000km/hr a mere 20,000 years to reach the planet. So no chance of meeting any extra-terrestrials in our lifetime then D:

On second thoughts maybe that's not such a bad thing

If you'd like to know more then please visit the links below.

Links for more Information:

Just can't get enough

Ive recently started watching the series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer on the internet and am finding myself incredibly addicted. So i thought best to try and figure out to myself in this post the reasons why.

I mean am I just the stereotypical male in this situation, where I find Sarah Michelle Gellar incredibly hot, because lets be honest, she looks amazing on and off the screen and to say that she didn't give something to the slayer series is ridiculous.
But is it just down to her alone?
I am finding the mix of all the cast from Alyson Hannigan's character willow to Anthony Stewart head who plays Giles. All play a crucial part in helping to unfold each plot episode, and how the characters progress and evolve through each series keeps the watcher captured awaiting the next series.

I think those of you who have not seen each series all the way through  should definitely take some time to watch each episode individually and I guarantee you will not be dissapointed.

You can find all 7 series by going to projectfree TV along with many other tv series
you can also find each episode on youtube but the episodes will be in parts