Monday, 18 October 2010


 Im just going to get in a quick post today mentioning my favourite film of all time. Well I should say quadrilogy really, but seriously if you have never seen any of the aliens films you need to get yourself off the computor out of the cupboard under the stairs and find time to watch these films. You have to watch them in order really to get the overall background story, but if you really only have time for just the one skip the classic original alien film created in 1979 and watch the second in the set titled aliens crteated 7 years later in 1986. 
The best part of this film i believe is in the special effect and animatronics used to bring the iconic monster stars in these films to life, the lack of immense ammounts of cgi in this film is no bad thing I think it helps in fact not ruin the realistic visuals.
Another set of films to see as they sort of tie into later aliens films are the predator films. Although the first is kinda wierd starring Arnold Schwarzenneger, yes I did look that up for spelling, put the 2nd film in that set has that dude from leathal weapon.
Anyway it helps lead on to the final films I will suggest to you. When they combine both films into one glorious aliens vs predator montage.......epic.

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