Tuesday, 5 October 2010

In The Cinema

Whats happening in the world of the cinema at the moment...?
Theres a couple of new films in the pipeline that are an awesome shout. Some films have been needing the next chapter. But there are some new films coming out that are just a big mistake for many reasons.

One example I would have to put forward in this catagory would be the new up and coming 'Paranormal Activity 2'. Why would you want to make another film like that mess. Sure some viewers found this film incredibly scary but in the end all it was, was two people sleeping most of the time and random shiz kept happening. Saying that this second film could just be the exact scare you guys want in you life and therfore this is probvably gunna be a film for you.

Also checking out Jackass 3D. Now I dont know about you guys but I love the Jackass crew and for them to make another video of epic fail and stunts is amazing, and I for one cant wait until that comes out on the 15th of this month so go see it.
Another film I reckon you guys should go see is Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Has not really got the hype its deserved even though its one treuly epic film. A cross between everday guy in a band and streetfighter.
A truly epic combo, along with a great soundtrack. Its in cinemas now also along with the 20th aniversary re-release of the back to the future film, so go to the cinema now.

Ive put a couple of links in below guys of the trilers of some of the films I mentioned
comment and let me know what you think....


  1. Heard about Back to the Future being back in theaters.

    Mayhaps I'll check it out.

  2. I seen paranormal activity after the hype machine had me believing it was worth a damn. Fuck Paranormal Activity, no, fuck that shit. Horrible film with ridiculous characters. Oh hay theres a monster/demon/ghost that can manipulate fire and material objects, LETS PISS IT OFF! Stupid movie.

  3. Scott Pilgrim vs. The World was awesome, a truly original movie.

  4. if its in 3d nowadays, it qualifies to be shown in any cinema... *sigh*